SLAC Colloquium Series

SLAC Colloquium Series


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Renewable Energy Systems

Date: 5/8/2000

John A. Turner
National Renewable Energy Lab.

As the world's energy infrastructure begins to feel the pressure to reduce pollution and limit CO2 production, everyone from villages to countries will be looking at renewable energy resources for answers. The major renewable energy systems include phovoltaics (solar cells), solar thermal (electric and thermal), wind, biomass (plants and trees), hydroelectric, ocean, and geothermal. The speaker will consider those energy systems that include viable energy storage technologies such as hydrogen, batteries, flywheels, superconductivity, ultracapacitors, pumped hydro, molten salts (for thermal storage), and compressed gas. He will present possible pathways for the introduction of hydrogen into the energy infrastructure. Recent results on the direct splitting of water will also be presented.

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