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SLAC Colloquium Series


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Cosmic Ray Investigrations in the ANI Laboratory on Mt. Aragats, Armenia

Date: 9/18/2000

Professor, Yerevan Physics Institute

High-energy particles accelerated by very energetic processes in the Universe, like supernovae explosions, initiate cascade processes when colliding with nuclei of the Earth's atmosphere, producing Extensive Air Showers (EAS). These particles reach the ground and some penetrate deep underground.

EAS detectors at the Mt. Aragats research station at 3200 m register the electron/photon, muon and neutron content. Analysis of this multidimensional information helps us to understand the nature of the "knee" feature in the EAS particle spectra and the possible sources and acceleration mechanisms of high-energy particles.

The presentation will include a general overview about the layout of the Mt. Aragats Cosmic Ray Stations at 3200 and 2000 m altitude, recent EAS experimental results, as well as interactions between Solar and Galactic Cosmic Rays.

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