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SLAC Colloquium Series


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Black Holes and Gamma Ray Bursts

Date: 11/20/2000

Remo Ruffini
Professor, U of Rome

The gravitational collapse leading to an EMBH (a black hole endowed with electromagnetic structure) can produce vacuum polarization process a' la Hiesenberg-Euler- Schwinger. The electron positron pairs so generated form a plasma in a region around the horizon of the EMBH which has been defined the Dyadosphere. The further expansion of the Dyadosphere leads to a Pair ElectroMagnetic pulse (PEM pulse) which in a few light-crossing-time of the Dyadosphere reaches Lorentz Gamma factors of 100-1000. The engulfment of barions from the remnant of the process of gravitational collapse leads to a PEMB pulse. It is discussed how the reaching of tranparency condition of the PEMB pulse is related to many of the observational features of Gamma Ray Bursts and their afterglow. The consequences of this new paradigm for the physics and astrophysics of UltraHighEnergy cosmic rays and Quasars are outlined.

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