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SLAC Colloquium Series


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Higgs Mass Predictions via Precision Electroweak Measurements

Date: 3/26/2001

Michael Woods

The Standard Model Higgs boson affects electroweak observables through radiative corrections. Using established measurements of the Z boson mass from LEP and the top quark mass at the Tevatron, together with knowledge of the fine structure constant and the Fermi constant, the measurements of the W boson mass (at LEP-II and Tevatron) or Z-pole asymmetries (at LEP-I and SLC) provide interesting predictions for the Higgs mass. The most precise prediction comes from SLD's measurement of the left-right asymmetry (ALR) in Z boson production. The preferred value for the Higgs mass predicted by all electroweak measurements is remarkably consistent with recent hints of direct Higgs production at LEP-II with a mass of 115 GeV. The precision electroweak data also indicate an excellent chance for observing direct Higgs production at the upcoming Tevatron Run II, which has a Higgs boson mass reach up to 180 GeV.

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