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Energy Policy and Energy Efficiency

Date: 4/23/2007

Professor Jim Sweeney
Stanford, Precourt Institute

Improvements in energy efficiency - economically efficient reductions in energy use - can be beneficial to California, the United States, and the world in at least three ways. Reductions in energy use can have important environmental benefits, for example, by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, can have security benefits, for example, by reducing the use of oil, and economic benefits, by reducing costs of energy services facing producers, distributors, retailers, and consumers. The talk discusses these three motivations. The Precourt Institute for Energy Efficiency (PIEE) was established in October 2006, with a goal to improve the opportunities for and implementation of energy efficient technologies, systems, and practices, with an emphasis on economically attractive deployment. The talk will also discuss the status of and plans for PIEE.

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