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SLAC Colloquium Series


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Navigating the Labyrinth - Energy Sinks and Other Career Barriers for Women

Date: 6/9/2008

Patricia Rankin
University of Colorado

Reports such as "Rising Above The Gathering Storm" stress the importance of increasing the number of scientists and engineers in the U.S workforce. The changing demographics of the U.S. population suggest that this will only be possible if we can recruit and retain women and members of other under-represented groups into science and engineering careers. Why don't more women pursue careers in the sciences? What does the research tell us about the barriers they may face? What has to change to alter the current situation? Why do we talk about women who want to take on leadership roles as facing a labyrinth? The presenter will give an overview of our current understanding of the issues and introduce some of the key concepts that need to be understood by anyone wanting to address the need for producing more scientists. The presenter, Patricia Rankin, is currently the Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Diversity and Development at the University of Colorado, Boulder and is PI of an NSF ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Grant. She spent two years at the NSF as a program officer in experimental high energy physics and worked on the BaBar and M2 at SLC experiments.

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