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SLAC Colloquium Series


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The Emergence of Web Science

Date: 3/9/2009

Bebo White
Departmental Associate, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

The World Wide Web has influenced just about all aspects of modern life, from the way we ask questions (Google), to the way we shop (Amazon), and to how we interact with friends and colleagues (Facebook, LinkedIn). Yet we cannot predict what innovative Web applications might appear in the future. The simple reason is that the Web is not just driven by technology, but also by a host of issues and needs that define 21st century society.

Bebo White will talk about Web science as a new, multi-disciplinary research effort. This field attempts to study the Web as a dynamic entity so that its past developments can be better understood and its future can be better predicted and engineered. White is a collaborator in the Web Science Research Initiative (WSRI) and a designated "Web Science Ambassador." WSRI is a joint venture of MIT and the University of Southampton (UK), and includes Sir Tim Berners-Lee as a co-director.

White worked at SLAC's SCS for a long time until his retirement several years ago, and was a participant in establishing the first U.S. web site at SLAC in 1991.

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