SLAC Colloquium Series

SLAC Colloquium Series


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A New Generation of Particle Accelerators

Date: 3/8/2010

Eric Colby

Particle accelerators and their associated technologies impact many aspects of our lives, from the inner workings of a microwave oven, to industrial processing of materials, to modern treatments for cancer, to keeping us safe. Tremendous technical progress in the last two decades has radically changed the landscape, transforming fantastic concepts into tangible reality. We'll take a look at how far these technologies have come, and what the future might hold.

Eric Colby is the acting head of the Advanced Accelerator Research Department and a senior scientist at SLAC. Eric has worked for more than two decades on a variety of accelerator research from particle and microwave sources to advanced concepts for accelerators. He is the spokesman of E163, an experiment to demonstrate techniques for accelerating particles with light.

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