SLAC Colloquium Series

SLAC Colloquium Series


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Mars Science Laboratory Mission and the search for carbonates and methane on Mars

Date: 6/21/2010

Adrian Brown
SETI Institute and NASA Ames Research CenterThe Mars Science Laboratory (named 'Curiosity') will launch to Mars next year and is loaded with new instruments and cameras to investigate the geology of a new location on Mars. Dr. Brown will talk about the exciting and scary aspects of the new Rover, and how it might just impact our understanding of the chances for life on The Red Planet. The MSL Rover will have the capability to measure atmospheric methane, and which is a possible trace gas for Martian volcanism or perhaps even Martian biota. Dr. Brown will discuss the recent controversy of methane, and how it is linked to the 2008 finding of carbonate on Mars.

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