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SLAC Colloquium Series


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Status of XFEL/SPring-8 Construction and Beam Commissioning

Date: 3/7/2011

Tsumoru Shintake

Beam commissioning of the XFEL/SPring-8 began February 21, 2011. In this talk, Dr. Shintake will discuss recent news from the beam commissioning team, and take a look back at the research, development and construction of the machine. The XFEL/SPring-8 machine is based on unique technologies: (1) A single-crystal thermionic-cathode electron gun, (2) A high gradient C-band accelerator, and (3) an in-vacuum undulator, which makes the FEL facility very compact and able to fit within the available site length of 700 m. Machine construction started in 2006, all of the hardware installation was completed in 2010. In October 2010, the Spring-8 team began high-power processing of the 128 C-band linac sections, starting from the injector end, and ~80% of these have been processed up to 37 MV/m. The Colloquium is free and all are invited to attend..

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