SLAC Computer Account Form

To request new computing accounts or request changes or cancellations for existing accounts, please type in the form fields, or fill-in a blank form manually. Once completed, print the form and obtain your department computer czar's authorizing signature. Completed forms only may then be: mailed to Computing Div., Account Services, Mail Stop 97; scanned and emailed to; or brought to the Account Services office located in the Computing Building (050), Room 107. Please provide an e-mail address and/or phone number where we may contact you.

*** Note: Account requests not signed by a computer czar cannot be processed. Please consult with your group Computer Czar to obtain this signature before submitting this request. Thank you***

Applicant Information:

Name (Last, First, Mid Init)    SID#  

SLAC Location:  Building: Room: Phone Ext.: Mail Stop:

Off-site Location: (Off-site users only)

Institution: Street:City:

State/Prov: Zip: Tele: EMail:

New Account Type:WindowsUnixExchange E-mail Shared Acct (needs special approval)

SLAC e-mailbox (one only) MS Exchange    Unix     None (forward to above E-mail)

Existing account change requests:

Addl acct    Cancel acct

Transfer owner - From  To

Requested User ID (3 to 8 characters long)

1st Choice: 2nd Choice:

Additional instructions or special group requirements:    OU (Windows): ___________________

Authorization    (Please have your group's Computer Czar authorize this account request)**

Computer Czar name (print):Group Code

Computer Czar signature: __________________________________Date_________________  

**Important: The above signature must be on the SLAC authorized Computing Czar signatory list for

computer accounts at

For Scientific Computing and Computing Services use only:

UserID: _______________________Acct est'd date:_____________________ Res update date_________________  By: ____________

Password to user date_________________  Method:________________________ By____________

UNIX: UID: ____________ User group: _________ Date: _________________  By: ____________

Windows: AD/OU: __________________ Exchange serv _______Date: :_____________________ By____________