SLAC Help Track Request Form - Windows File Restore

This request form is for restoring files from SCS-maintained Windows file servers (e.g., the Windows Z drive user home directory, the Windows V drive groups directory).  Do not use this to request recovery of any local files (e.g., your C drive).

Email Address:

Name of your local administrator

Email address of your local administrator

Select the appropriate Priority for your request: Normal (restore within 1 business day) Urgent (restore within 4 business hours)

I would like to be notified by email: Upon receipt and Completion only
 Whenever this request is updated

Windows Files Restore Request Information

Directory/file to be restored
Date of backup copy (mm/dd/yyyy)
(Otherwise most recent copy will be restored.)


(Give locations of more directories/files to be restored, and dates of the backup copies)

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