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All new SLAC users should read the Client Support Structure document before deciding which client is right for them.

Email Servers
E-mail Server Names  
Exchange Clients
GSSAPI Authentication to Exchange 2007 Outlook From Offsite (Outlook Anywhere)
iPhone PDAs and SmartPhones for E2007
Mac Mail Thunderbird IMAP
Outlook 2007 Unix Alpine (formerly Pine) for Exchange *
Outlook 2007 IMAP Web Browser Access to E-mail
Unix Clients - Connects to NFS Mail Spool
Unix Alpine (formerly Pine) *    
Exchange Authenticated SMTP Kerberos Authenticated SMTP
Mail Forwarding
Forwarding mail from Unix Forwarding mail from Exchange
New Outlook Profile
Why and How to Create One    
Instant Messaging
Lync 2010 (IM)
 * Our existing Pine documentation written as is should mostly apply to Alpine.
  Last Updated: 03/31/2013
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