Guidelines for Use of SSRL Conference Rooms


As with most meeting spaces on-site, these rooms are in heavy demand. The person reserving a conference room is responsible to comply with the following guidelines. If you do not find the room in suitable condition when you arrive, please contact Michelle Steger x2600 (bldg. 137 rm. 301).

1. General

a.       All paper handouts and other materials must be removed at the end of the event.

b.      All audio visual items returned to where you found them.

c.       All chairs placed in their original configuration.

d.      Do not exceed the posted maximum occupancy or you may have your meeting interrupted until the maximum occupancy limitation is met.

e.       The room must be vacant and ready for the next function prior to the end of your booking time.

f.        Failure to follow these guidelines will result in denial of future reservation requests from your department.

g.        If you need a polycom or international dialing access for a conference call, please notify us in advance.

2. Food

You are welcome to arrange catering for your meeting under the following conditions.

  1. You or your designee must be present to accept delivery of the food. Nothing may be staged in the hallway without explicit prior approval. It is your responsibility to see that your food is set up properly for your meeting, and to guard it from interlopers.
  2. All food and service materials must be removed and the conference room cleaned prior to the end of your booked time. Please book sufficient time to accomplish proper cleaning.

         Properly disposing of all garbage and trash. Do not pile trash on an already full can or set it on the floor next to a trashcan. If the cans are full, trash must be carried to the dumpster at the east end of the LOS.

         Wiping down and drying the conference room table and credenza.

  1. We realize that, from time-to-time, spills occur in the normal course of serving food and drink. There are limited supplies in the kitchen to cleanup these mishaps and a vacuum is available if needed. If we determine that carpet cleaning is required after your function, you will be expected to arrange such through housekeeping as soon as possible.
  2. You may neatly place dishes, glasses, and other non-disposable items temporarily in the SSRL kitchen as long as the kitchen is accessible by the next group. All food must be properly sealed or removed ants are endemic in the LOS. Do ensure that the caterer picks up their items ASAP.

3. Contact Information

All questions about the use of SSRL conferences room should be addressed to Michelle Steger at x2600.


Thank you.