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How Africa will leapfrog wired networks, Slashdot
Africa 'leapfrogs' to wider internet access, Al Jazeera
Data cables downed not by terabytes but squirrel bites
Happy Webiversary, from Symmetry
Apple store: Facebook app makes $90,000 in a week. The app is from SWAM Tech founded by and with CEO Shahryar Muhammad Khan who spent a year and a half at SLAC working on the PingER project. Reported by the International Herald Tribune.
First North American Website Launched at SLAC 20 Years Ago Today, from SLAC Today. Also reported in InMenlo site, and the Stanford Dish.
SLAC Networking Team, Contractors Credited for Marathon Effort to Keep Work on Track
SLAC News center publishes Word of the Week: Ping
SLAC Today publishes interview with Pakistani Interns ,also published in Pakistani newspapers The NEWS and Pakistan Observer
Japanese Internet Survives the Earthquake<, from SlashDot.
Nov 2010
The Internet, Mobile Computing and Mobile Phones in Developing Countries, Les Cottrell prepared for book m-Science Sensing, Computing and Disseminaton
10/18 2010
Pioneers of China's First Internet Connection Recall Work, from PC World October 18, 2010, also on YouTube
10/1 2008
Mapping the Digital Divide in Symmetry Magazine, Sept 08
pingER service added to perfSONAR-PS suite
4/22 2008
Africa's Internet Drought, also on YouTube.
End of Dialup Service
2/3 2008
Mediterranean fibre cuts, from Slashdot and also from Network World.
Princess Sumaya of Jordan Visits SLAC
11/7 2007
Rector of NUST Visits SLAC
7/28 2007
Bridging the Digital Divide from the APS/FIP Newsletter July 2007.
6/18 2007
SLAC's Les Cottrell and Collaborator Awarded "Best Software" Prize from SLAC Today
6/14 2007
TULIP wins First Prize in All Asia Softec 2007
5/30 2007
Mapping the Digital Divide from SLAC Today.
11/29 2006
Rector of Pakistani University Visits SLAC from SLAC Today.
10/9 2006
Bandwidth Challenges and World Records audio, video synchronized slides (Quicktime, 128.5MB)
10/9 2006
Quantifying the Digital Divide from an Internet Point of View audio, video & synchronized slides (Quicktime, 88.8MB)
4/6 2006
Physics Online and Overseas from SLAC Today.
2/13 2006
A Better Internet" news story from ComputerWorld.
11/23 2005
Bandwidth Challenge Results from SlashDot
11/18 2005
Top Researchers, Projects in High Performance Computing Honored at SC/05 ...
11/18 2005
SC|05 Bandwidth Challenge, SLAC Interaction Point.
11 2005
Bringing the Internet to China Symmetry Magzine.
11/8 2005
Brit Boffins aim to Beat LAN speed record from
9/22 2005
PingER Quantifies the Digital Divide, Feature article in Science Grid This Week.Today
9/2 2005
SLAC's participation in the SC05 Bandwidth Challenge
7/5 2005
Our broadband "out of phase" from Australian IT
6/24 2005
Global Internet Analysis: Australia possibly out of phase UNE News and Events
6/22 2005
Pinger Quantifies the Digital Divide from Science Grid This Week.
5/17 2004
10th anniversary of SLAC/HENP bringing the Internet to China, also seeNetworking with China, SLAC-PUB-6478, 1994.
4/2 2004
Networking: The Next Generation
3/16 2004
Better TCP Invented at NCSU and evaluated by SLAC, see also Light Reading, Slashdot HPCwire
Caltech, SLAC, and LANL Set Network Performance Marks also see Web site
SLAC to display PingER project at SIS-Forum, Geneva under Fundamental Science and Enabling Technologies Theme. 9-13 Dec '03
High Speeds are good for Guinness, from DoE Pulse magazine
7/20 2003
Guinness World Record for Internet2 Land Speed Record
6/10 2003
State of Network Monitoring and Analysis in the US
4/21 2003
CENIC award :: CENIC "road to Ten Gigabit" Award to Caltech, CERN, SLAC and LANL
3/29 2003
Internet2 Land Speed Record broken again by team from Caltech, CERN, SLAC and LANL
3/27 2003
Software breaks data transfer record from Nature
3/19 2003
Caltech computer scientists develop FAST protocol to speed up Internet
1/21 2003
New Intercontinental Internet Performance Records Set in Internet2 Land Speed Record Competition
10/02 2001
Appletalk Routing has been shutdown as of 10/01/01
12/17 2000
Wireless Networking at SLAC
10/31 2000
SLAC Phone Switch Upgrade - October 2000
08/18 2000
SLAC ISDN Service, phase out 09/30/01.
06/06 2000
RIP to be removed
05/23 2000
Central VMS support to terminate at end of 2001
03/23 2000
SLAC Phone System Upgrade
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