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Last Update: 29 January 2008

Important notice concerning the SLAC Dialup Service:

The SLAC Dialup Service is scheduled to end at noon on 31 March 2008.

Also, no new Dialup accounts will be created from this point forward. Current accounts will still work until the shutdown date.

The current SLAC Dialup Service has very low usage and is using Cisco access routers that are close to 10 years old. Cisco has announced End of Life for this equipment meaning no more support for firmware upgrades, security patches, maintenance, or parts. This non-support issue raises serious security and reliability concerns. Also, the cost of running the current service, or for new replacement equipment, makes it not cost effective to support the low number of users. Add to this SLAC's current budget situation, it is necessary to end this service as soon as possible. Stanford University has also announced the end of their dialup service as of September 2008 (see

Stanford lists some alternatives, including High Speed Internet and Dialup services on this link:

Also note that if you have AT&T or Sonic DSL, these providers include free dialup service along with their DSL.  Contact them for details.

If you have any questions contact Ken Martell at x3804 or email

Dialup Service For SLAC Users - scheduled to end 31 March 2008 - no new accounts will be created

SCCS runs and maintains a modem dialup service for SLAC users.

The IP address assigned will be on a network different from SLAC's internal network.  Access to SLAC resources will  be the same as if you were using any public/commercial ISP (via dialup, DSL, Cable Modem, etc).  There will be no special access for dialup users to SLAC's internal network resources.

The SLAC Dialup Service uses 60 56kbps modems supporting the v.90 and K56Flex connection protocols and  PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol).

The dialup phone number is:  650 223 0172.

Workstation Configuration Instructions


The FAQ page has more information about the Dialup Service, modems, troubleshooting, mapping drives, etc.

Owner: Ken Martell