FAQ - SLAC VPN Service
Last Update: June 18, 2012

[FAQ for Windows Remote Access]



Mapping network drives of the SCCS Windows central servers

VPN users are able to map drives to shares on the SCCS central servers (e.g., the home directory Z drive, the groups directory V drive) with the instructions below.  We recommend that users store files on the central servers which are backed up and maintained.  VPN users will not be able to map drives to other Windows computers within the SLAC internal network (e.g., to your office Windows computer) due to security issues.  Similar restrictions apply for VPN users in connecting to other Windows computers.  The SLAC Citrix Farm can be used instead for these purposes.  More information is available in 'How do remote users get access to SLAC Windows resources?'

Troubleshoot mapping problems
Remote systems can have many possible configurations making it impossible to give one solution that fits all.  Here are some troubleshooting suggestions. If you have a suggestion that you think is worth sharing send it do dialup-admin@slac.stanford.edu.

Questions / Comments
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