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Welcome to SLAC Networking

The mission of the SCS Network Management & Engineering group is to provide leadership and support in data communications to the Laboratory as a whole and to scientific research in particular. 

In support of the mission, we pursue the following activities

  • Coordinate and exchange information with network users and provide tools and procedures to help in troubleshooting and accessing network information.
  • Provide availability for all SLAC networks commensurate with the expected availability of individual nodes on that network.
  • Provide and integrate tools for network management and diagnosis.
  • Provide techniques to discover, isolate, fix and track network problems in such a way as to maximize availability.
  • Monitor the network and add increased capacity to provide adequate performance. Advise management on capacity planning to handle observed and projected growth.
  • Provide record keeping on network configurations and use it to manage the network.
  • Provide high quality access to/from off-site.
  • Provide appropriate network security.
  • Provide physical network layer installations, and resource planning.
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