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Guidelines for Computer Account Requests

For new accounts, deletions, additions, or changes to SLAC computer accounts, please follow the instructions below:

1. Read Use of SLAC Information Resources.

2. Print the Declaration to be Signed by All Users of SLAC Information Resources form, read it and sign it.1

3. Print the SLAC Computer Account Form.

4. Review the Account Rules.

5. Fill out the account form (including a SLAC System ID number2) and have it signed by your group Computer Czar.3 Requests without a SLAC ID number and a valid signature cannot be processed.
6. Return both signed forms to the Computing Division Accounts Desk (Mail Stop 97) in the Computer Building (50) Lobby.  

7. You will be contacted by the Accounts Desk when your account is ready, usually within two (2) business days of submitting your completed computer account form.

8. All new users of SLAC computer accounts are required to complete a Cyber Security Basics Training course within 30 days of obtaining an account.
    To do so, go to the Getting Started Guide for Learners, select your designation, and follow the instructions for completing Course CS101.

9. All paid employees must have a Windows account for entering their time worked to get paid.


1 Local accounts will not be processed without receipt of a signed Declaration to be Signed by All Users of SLAC Information Resources form. Remote accounts will be processed provisionally, pending receipt of a signed form (or FAX) within a two-week period.

2Your SLAC System ID number can be found by searching under your name in the SLAC Phonebook. Your status must be listed as ACTIVE. If you are either not listed at all, listed without a System ID or listed with a status other than ACTIVE, you must get your SLAC status corrected before you can receive any SLAC resources, including computer accounts. (See "Add a New Person" under Phone Directory Help.)

3 A Group Code has been assigned to the various computing groups within SLAC. Each group has provided Computing Division with a list of "Computer Czars" (people within the group who are authorized to sign for computer accounts). Please make sure that your Account Form has been signed by a czar. If you are not sure who can sign for your group, please ask your department contact person,  the Account Services Staff or call (650) 926-ACCT (2228). Account forms without the proper signature cannot be processed.

 Owner: Account Services
 Updated: October 2009