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The Director and Associate Directors of SLAC are responsible for appointing information resource czars and for general oversight. That responsibility may be delegated to an appropriate person within the organization. Czars should be designated as either czars or mega-czars. Mega-czars carry all of the responsibility of other information resource czars and, in addition, have the authority to appoint other czars within their computing group.

Account Responsibilities:

Employees, contractors, collaborators and visitors who need to use SLAC information resources must sign an acknowledgement that they have read and understand the current usage policy. The czar then will:

  • ascertain whether the individual requesting computing resources is currently associated with SLAC (including being listed as "active" in the phone directory search) and has a legitimate need to use SLAC information resources;
  • verify the identity of the requestor and that the requests are consistent with the mission, policy and resources of the area;
  • forward specific requests, in the form of paperwork with signatures or email, as appropriate, to the Computing Division (CD) or appropriate departmental computing support personnel.

Information Resource Czars and System Administrators:

In some cases, system administrators may also serve as information resource czars; however, this dual responsibility is discouraged since the action and responsibility of information resource czars may conflict with that of system administrators. System administrators (and units of CD) are not responsible for checking the legitimacy of persons seeking to use SLAC information resources or of the appropriateness of their requests.

Area Responsibilities:

The information resource czar may establish area guidelines for account activities and review actions taken. The area may want to allow (or disallow) users making changes to their accounts without prior approval of the czar. These area policies must be communicated unambiguously by a czar to CD. The czar will be responsible for reviewing actions performed by CD and departmental support personnel to ensure compliance with area policies.

Last modified: 29 March, 2011