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Support levels at SCCS

Level 1: This is the highest support category. An item in this category is strategic for SLAC and will have one or more individuals (usually in SCCS) responsible for its maintenance. The support person(s) will work with the vendor (which may be a company or an individual or open source), to resolve any problems.

Level 2: An item in this category is important to many interest groups at SLAC. It is supported on a best effort basis. If it fails to work properly and cannot be fixed by the vendor, an effort will be made to find a substitute. There will be a designated support person (not necessarily in SCCS).

Level 3: This is the minimum support category. An item is valuable to some interest group(s) at SLAC. The role of the support person (not necessarily in SCCS) is normally limited to assuring the item's availability as long as that individual or another volunteer is interested in performing the service. If the software fails to work properly and is not fixed by the vendor, there may be no effort made to find a substitute.


No matter its level of support, each item should have at least one associated online documentation file (e.g., a web page or a "readme" file) that summarizes the item's function, usage and license terms. One paragraph briefly outlines the kinds of support the item receives with regard to enhancement, bug fixes, installation, consulting, and documentation.

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