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Since the layoffs of 2008 there is no central support for video or audio conferencing. This web site may assist you to help your self.

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Videoconferencing is the real-time and interactive transmission of images and sound (usually digitally formatted) between two or more sites.
SLAC had 3 central video conference rooms. These were decommissioned in early 2008. There are other conference rooms equipped with video conferencing equipment  at SLAC in Kavli (they have the auditorium which can do IP/ESnet and ISDN, there is also a staff meeting room on the third floor and a mobile unit for use in the building (neither of the latter two have ISDN), the technical contacts are  Ken Zhou or Stuart Marshall, to book  a room contact John Skinnner) , the DoE site office (ISDN only), Building 280 (3 conference rooms: Red Slate, Pacific Crest and Castle Crags, they all support IP/ESnet; contacts Irene Hu or Regina Matter; you can find out about the schedule for these rooms using Outlook calendar). The DoE room and Kavli  room video conference systems consist of:

  A camera

  Two 27" monitors

  A document camera

  A coder/decoder unit

 The HEP groups often use EVO.


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