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Revised: 02/23/00

Video Conferences must be canceled 24 hours in advance!

This is done through ESnet

You can reschedule when you wish. The sooner you reschedule a video conference, the more confidence you'll have in reserving facilities for the next desirable conference date.

Audio (Voice) Conference Cancellation with ESNet

This is done through ESnet

Audio (Voice) Conference Cancellation with EZ-SLAC  (no longer avcailable as of July 2010)

Call 888-787-2663, and the EZ-SLAC representative will be able to help you stop or cancel a conference series. The EZ-SLAC rep. at that # can set up or cancel any conferences you need to start or end.

It is good practice to verify that the conference was indeed cancelled, since, unfortunately, cancellations are not always en-acted.