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As of April 2008 this service was teminated.

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Revised: 02/23/00

SLAC's three central video and audio conference rooms, SLAC-1, SLAC-2, and SLAC-3 are shown on this SLAC site map.
Location Computer bldg. 50,
room 115
Physics & Engineering bldg. 280,
room 112/114
Computer bldg. 50,
room 112
Voice Number 650-926-3746 650-926-8507 650-926-5401
Fax Number 650-926-3746    
Need Help? Contact Art Bray at (650) 926-8500

Talk to us. We appreciate receiving your conference session feedback. Please fill out forms provided in SLAC-1 or SLAC-2 and put them in the feedback box. We'll try to respond to your questions and comments.