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The Windows team is standing by ready to help you with any issues or concerns.

Send an email to with a detailed problem description and we will help resolve the issue.

If you have a critical issue outside of business hours. Please call (650) 926-4357 to page the on-call technical coordinator.


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Windows Infrastructure Services

The Windows team manages the SLAC Windows Enterprise Infrastructure to enable services such as single sign-on, location-independent access to resources, manageability and security for the Microsoft Windows platform as implemented at SLAC. Joining the Windows domain brings your group the benefits of integration with many of SLAC's other systems while allowing it to retain considerable autonomy in its local Organizational Unit.

 We offer system administration for servers running Microsoft's Windows Server operating system. Additionally, we offer expertise through the complete lifecycle - from identification and planning, deployment and configuration, support and maintenance, to retirement or replacement. This service encompasses test and development servers, standalone departmental, and multi-server or highly available mission critical services.

Services provided by the Windows Infrastructure Team

  • Active Directory Domain Services (Authentication, Authorization, DNS, Time, LDAP Directory, etc)
  • File & Data Storage
  • Backup & Restore (Including Self-Restore)
  • Remote Access (Citrix)
  • Extranet / Collaboration Accounts
  • Virtual Server infrastructure support (Hyper-V)
  • Monitoring and Reporting (Server, Service)
  • Server and Service High Availability Solutions
  • Server Hardware Maintenance
  • IIS Support
  • Web Space Provisioning
  • OS Installation
  • OS Patching
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