Standard Software

for Conference Workstations, SLAC

15 June, 2004

SLAC Home Windows Home

Workstations for conferences will generally be set up with a single partition for the hard disk, formatted NTFS, with the Windows XP operating system and the software listed below (which is based on the SLAC standard suite).   Workstations will be installed via a generic Microsoft Windows XP Professional CD, and applications will be installed from the internet where possible (to avoid any dependencies from the SLAC network).  The workstations will be set up as standalone with no login (i.e., in Workgroup mode, not in Domain mode).

Testing of these systems should be done on the SLAC Visitor Network, to ensure that there are no dependencies on the SLAC Network.

System administrators at the conference site will need the local administrator account, as well as CD's for 


Product Description
NTFS File System
Windows XP Professional, Service Pack & Hot Fixes Current version of supported operating system, etc.
MS Office desktop publishing, full install
Outlook, Outlook Express e-mail clients
Internet Explorer web browser
Mozilla web browser
Acrobat Reader PDF format reader, test associations within web browsers
GhostView PostScript reader, test associations within web browsers
RealPlayer G2 Streaming media player, test associations within web browsers
Aladdin Expander File decompressor
XWIN32 X Window, test that licenses have been registered
Norton AntiVirus virus scanning program, install latest virus signature file
WinSCP SCP program
WS_FTP95 FTP program
HyperSnap screen capture program
TTERMPRO terminal emulation program, ssh
Telnet terminal emulation program
Citrix ICA client Multi-user connectivity for Windows Terminal Server.
Dialup Networking remote access for VPN/PPTP
Printer Drivers for appropriate printer models
Networking information setup for DHCP or fixed IP,
NIC set for 'Auto-detect' or ??


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