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FAQ: Applications (Other)

02 March 2003
SLAC NT Home Eudora FAQ


The easiest method we recommend to users is to run the LabVIEW Tutorial directly from the X Drive:



If you want to run the LabVIEW Tutorial from the LabVIEW dialog screen, then you must have a copy of the LabVIEW CD on your CD-ROM when you click on the LabVIEW Tutorial button, otherwise the LabVIEW Tutorial does not run and you'll be prompted to insert the CD on the CD-ROM.


The LabVIEW Directory on X:\ drive includes the following software which is included under the site license Academic Program.

This were not added to the X:\ Drive, but is available from the CD's (ask Desktop-Admin).

  The main LabView program is called Professional Development System and is located:


"X:\Applications\Supported\LabVIEW\v6.1 Professional Development System"


Information from Chico Vazquez


sqlnet.ora & tnsnames.ora

Oracle client installer will create two generic ORA files which need to be replaced from the "Pub\Applications\Supported\Oracle"

to "C:\Oracle\Ora81\network\ADMIN" folder



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