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FAQ: PC NIC and Network Switch Conflict

09 July 2001
SLAC NT Home Eudora FAQ

Currently we experience errors from different conflicts between the PC network interface card (NIC) and the Cisco switches deployed at SLAC.

  1. Auto-detect set at either the NIC or Cisco switch give rise often to errors.  Please do not use 'auto-detect', instead set the NIC to '10 / half duplex' (unless your network tap has been set otherwise).

  2. Some NIC's set at '10 / half duplex' on switched network which is also set at '10 / half duplex', are encountering higher error rates.  Jointly, Desktop Support and Networking has changed both these NIC's and switches to '10 / full duplex'.

    However, if the PC with such NIC setting is moved to another network tap at another setting, then the networking will fail.  So the NIC and the network tap should be labelled.

    Similarly, PC's with NIC set at '100 / full duplex' will need to be reset if it moves to another type of network tap.


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