Office 2000 Installation for Laptops and Off-site Desktops- 
How to install the full version
29 May 2001

Note: The steps below should be carried out after the Boot Floppy installation for laptops and other Windows NT/2000 systems that will be used outside the SLAC Network.

In Office 97, the full version of the software selected is installed on the client computer.  However, with Office 2000, the normal installation from the 'X' drive is set up for 'Install on 1st Use' for some of the features.   When a user first starts an Office application, Office returns to the install source to download appropriate modules.

While this works well for desktop systems at SLAC, however,  for laptops and off-site desktops that need to be disconnected from the network this will not work.  You need to change the install option to 'Run all from My Computer', so that the software is installed entirely on the client.  

To install all Office 2000 software on the local system, when you start the Office 2000 setup 
(for existing installations, start this through
Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> Office 2000 -> Change

You may need to run refresh on the X drive beforehand to synchronize the Office files on your local drive and the installation share if you get error messages updating through Office 2000 setup


Select 'Add or Remove Features'


Select 'Microsoft Office' or any individual components within Office, and change the option to 'Run all from My Computer'.


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