MS Office error messages or problems?  Do a 'Refresh'
07 June 2001

If you have any problems with your MS Office applications (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Frontpage), then

run refresh on the X drive



From Office 2000 onwards, versions of Office do not necessarily install all modules on the client machine.  Many components are 'install on first use'.  For example, if you need Equation Editor, this is not yet installed on Office 2000, it will look for the network drive where the full Office 2000 software resides to install additional modules.

(For laptop and off-site users, please see instructions on full install.)

If you experience problems with Office 2000, the most likely solution is you need is to  synchronize the Office files on your local drive and the installation share.  Run 'Refresh_Office.bat' listed above.

Reasons for dis-synchronization are

1) bug patches and security patches for Office are frequently being added to the network installation share.  The result is the version on the client workstation is out of synch when it goes to the installation share to look for additional modules.  Do a 'Refresh'.

2) the installation share for Office used for 'boot floppy' of standard SLAC new Windows NT/2000 Dell machines is different than the installation share on the X drive.  So right after a boot floppy, do a 'Refresh' from the X drive.


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