Connect to SLAC Exchange Mail Server Using Palm OS (version 3.5)


Required items:

1) Palm Pilot with modem (wireless or connected to phoneline)

2) E-mail client for palm (e.g., Eudora Internet Suite, which is freeware)


* Will not display attachments

*Only sees the Inbox

Steps need to be done on the Desktop : 

*  go to download the Eudora Internet Suite (EIS) application set

    which includes : Eudora

                             Eudora Web (Web Browser for Palm OS)

                             Eudora mail conduit

                             SSL/TLS Security Library

*  run the EIS.exe program and click 'Yes' when the following window appear


*  click 'Next'


*  click 'Yes' after you read and accept the License Agreement


*  Click 'Next' to take the default destination folder


*  make sure ALL the boxes are checked and click 'Next' to continue


*  Microsoft Outlook 98/2000 should be selected under the type of sync window and take 

    the rest as default, click 'OK' to continue


*  EudoraWeb Conduit Configuration window will display, select 'Internet Explorer versions 3.x thru 5.x' 

    under the select desktop browser to sync with EudoraWeb 


*  follow the instruction on the screen 


*  open the Palm Desktop application, then click 'Install' and total of three .prc files should be available 

    in the 'Install Tool' window, they are : Eudora_2.1.prc



   click 'Done' and start the HotSync process 


Steps need to be done on the Palm Organizer : 

*  there should be two new icons display on the Palm Organizer, one is 'EudoraWeb' and the other is 'Eudora',   

*  tap the 'Eudora', select 'Options' from the pull down menu and click 'New Account',

*  select 'Use step by step wizard' and fill in the information as it asking for,

*  type '' under Incoming Server and ''

    under Outgoing Server window,

*  enter a descriptive name that is easy to remember to this account then tap 'Done' to finish the wizard,

*  go back to 'Eudora' tool bar, select 'Options', select 'Accounts' then tap the account that was just created,

*  the account properties window will be displayed, change the settings on 'Receive' and 'Send'

    base on your own preference,       

*  go to 'Security' tap, select 'Alternate Port' under 'Incoming (POP)'--> 'Security (SSL)'

    select 'None' under 'Outgoing (SMTP)'--> 'Security (SSL)'. Leave the rest setting as default,

*  tap 'OK' and 'Done' to finish the account creation window,

go back to 'Eudora' tool bar, select 'Options', select 'Network Preferences' select 'New' on 

    the pull down menu,

*  type 'Dialup to SLAC' under 'Service', type 'user id-du' under 'User Name', select 'Palm V Modem' 

    under 'Connection' and enter the SLAC Dialup Phone Number under 'phone',

*  tap 'Details', select 'power off' on 'Idle Timeout' then uncheck the box of 'Query DNS' and enter 

    the IP as Primary DNS / IP as Secondary DNS, leave the rest as default,

*  attaching Palm V Modem to the Palm Organizer, use standard RJ11 cable to connect to an analog 

    phone line. For more technical information, please refer to Palm V Modem Handbook.


Connecting to SLAC to check Email : 

*  tap 'Eudora', on the pull down menu simply select 'Check Mail' under tool bar 'Mail'

*  the Palm V Modem will start dialing the SLAC Dialup Phone Number follow by asking 

    the SLAC Dialup account password, then will be greeted by a Domain (SLAC NT password) log on 

    to authenticate to the Mail Server 

*  the email in the 'INBOX' will start to download to the Palm Organizer once it is connected successfully



  Since EIS program is support POP3 only, all the emails are limited available in the 'INBOX' plus      

     no support on text or graphic as an attachment at time being                                                             

  make sure add prefix number 9 if dialup on-site (or no prefix number 9 for off-site) and there is no 

     voice message in the phone voice mail box before the dialup connection  



Ambrose Chu                                                                                         Last Update : 7/30/03