How To Migrate Netscape Bookmarks To Internet Explorer 4.0, 
and vice versa

A shareware called Bookmark Converter is available for this migration. The tests so far are very promising.

You must register to get a license that SLAC has already bought, then you can download from the X drive.  

Here is how it works :

1 ) After finishing the Download and Setup process, launch the Bookmark Converter application 

2 ) Click the "Browse.." button to find out the Netscape bookmark.htm file

3 ) This file is usually under the user Home Directory ( Z:\ ) or under C:\Program Files\Netscape\, highlight the bookmark.htm file then open it

Notice the path of the bookmark file is inserted into the "Bookmark file to convert:" field,

then in "Target directory:" list box,  look up the Internet Explorer's Favorites folder which

should be under C:\ WINNT -->Profiles-->"Userid"-->Favorites. Highlight this folder and press the

"Convert!" button


Then open up Internet Explorer Browser, go to Tool Menu - click on Favorites to confirm the Bookmarks are there.


More information on Bookmark Converter.

6/6/01 by achu