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Follow these instructions for ViewDirector Prizm to work with IE6

Recent upgrades to IE have rendered Netscape-style plugins obsolete.  MDCAD's View Director Prism(VDP) is/was a Netscape-style plugin which we tentatively replaced with an ActiveX control, AlternaTIFF, for Engineering document viewing.
AlternaTIFF however did not provide the resolution quality, zoom functionality or print quality which VDP provided, as stated by many users.
We have a fix for the VDP Netscape-style plugins on IE6.  It's an ActiveX control from the GNU people called Replug which allows IE6 to call Netscape-style plugins.
I have created a simple sequence of batch commands to uninstall AlternaTIFF and install VDP and Replug, and register appropriate MIME types.
To upgrade your IE6 users back to VDP please see the following....
Note: Please contact me regarding any questions/problems.  I think I could have created a more elegant script for this process but I think what I have provided should suffice.

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