Listing IE Favorites URL's


Is there a way to get Internet Explorer to display the web site addresses from Favorites in a list form so that the URL's are displayed?


For IE 5 (and versions above)

Step 1.

Go to the File menu of IE, Select "Import and Export"

The Import/Export Wizard will appear --> Next, Select "Export Favorites".

Select "Favorites" or any subfolder you want to export in the next window,

Select "Export to File or Address" and specify a path or directory location.

Click Finish to let the Wizard complete the export operation.


Step 2 

Open the exported file within IE.

Go to the File Menu, select "Print",

Place a check mark in "Print table of links" before you send the job out to the printer.  This will print the Titles as well as the html links. 

(Alternatively, one can also view the source code of this html file to perform cut & paste operation).


Desktop-Admin, 1/2/01