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04 September 2009

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The SLAC configuration of Windows XP Professional will install a standard suite of software using the Boot CD and Active Directory Group Policy Objects (GPO).  Your local administrator will install and configure Windows XP Pro workstations that conform to the recommended hardware. Workstations will be configured with a standard hard disk setup consisting of a single partition, formatted NTFS, with the Windows XP Pro operating system.  Other recommended software listed below are optional for installation within each Active Directory Organizational Unit.  Please discuss these and other optional software with your local administrator.  Note that SCS's support is only for installation of this software; information on their use should be obtained elsewhere.

How do I install the optional software packages?

To install any of the free and site-licensed optional products listed below, go to
'Control Panel -> Add Remove Programs -> Add New Programs' to install.  Users do not need administrative privilege on their machines for this method of installation.

For more details on the software, see the Supported Software or FAQ pages.  Please visit the SCS Help Desk to inquire about loaner software.


Product Description Licensing How Installed
NTFS File System free Boot CD

Windows XP Pro

Windows XP Pro is the current version of the supported operating system. site-licensed Boot CD
Internet Explorer 6, Service Packs & Patches web browser (active desktop content disabled by default) free Boot CD
Windows XP Pro Service Pack 1 Current versions of supported Service Packs. free GPO
SLAC Registry Seed SLAC standard registry settings free GPO
InoculateIT 6.0 virus scanning program site-licensed GPO
SMS 2 client central management software site-licensed GPO
MS Office XP, SP2 & Hot Fixes desktop publishing, web publishing site-licensed OU Level GPO
Outlook XP and Exchange 5.5 email and calendar system.  Information on  migrating to Outlook/Exchange site-licensed OU Level GPO
Acrobat Reader PDF format reader free OU Level GPO
(GSview 2.7, Ghostscript 5.50)
PostScript reader free OU Level GPO
RealPlayer 8 Basic   free OU Level GPO
Aladdin Expander 5.0 File decompressor free OU Level GPO
IBM techexplorer Hypermedia Browser 2.5.2   free OU Level GPO
Ctrix ICA Client v6.00.910 Multi-user connectivity for Windows Terminal Server.  Read the un-install instructions. free OU Level GPO
WS_FTP95 FTP program free OU Level GPO
Hypersnap screen capture program site-licensed OU Level GPO
XWIN32 v5.3.1 (if needed) X-window software site-licensed OU Level GPO

TeraTerm Pro ssh
-download from SLAC server
-download from internet for outside SLAC
--get floppy disk from SCS HelpDesk to take with you

Secure Shell (SSH) at SLAC, see
Suppression of Applications with Clear-Text Passwords


OU Level GPO

Secure copy (scp) uses ssh for file transfer, should be used in place of FTP free

(more info)

OU Level GPO
Frontpage XP web publishing site-licensed OU Level GPO
Other software as specified for a particular OU .... department-controlled licenses OU Level GPO

How can I purchase standard software?

Software that is not site-licensed can be purchased at discount prices for SLAC users through the Software Bulk Purchase Program.

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