OU ADMIN Meeting Minutes

December 15th, 2005


Attendees in Bold: Aishima, Jun; Anthony, Perry Lee; Arias, Nicholas C. (Nixx); Bator, Aaron; Cadorna, Tala; Campbell, Matthew H.; Chan, Andrea; Chu, Lee-Chung 'Ambrose'; Crume, Mary J.; DiSalvo, Mike; Downey, Teresa L.; Etem, Kamil; Fetzko, Steve; Freeman, Justus; Gomez, Rafael J.; Haile, Burhan T; Harvey, Harold M.; Johnson, William B.; Kau, Ricardo; Khamis, Stephen; Knight, Thomas; Knopf, James; LeCount, Arla; Leung, David H.; Liebelt, Stephen; Lo, Raymond; Lwin, Jeff; Malec, Richard C.; Marcello, David; Mayfield, Chris; Miller, Timothy; Muller, Olaf; Pierre, Jean-Raymond; Prado, Hector; Pushor, Robert C.; Ramsey, Kelley B.; Roberts, Sean; Schwiening, Jochen; Scott, Brian T.; Stiles, Paul; Trapsi, John; Underwood, Kenneth K.; Vazquez, Cecilio (Chico); Vincke, H. Heinz; Wermelskirchen, Clemens; Wong, Jerry; Wong, Rodney Win; Yu, Wayne; Zanardelli, Dean; Zhou, Ken

Teresa was looking for feedback on https://www-apps/scanme. She's working on how to get all the OU-admins/Helpdesk the ability to scan machines even if they're not listed as admins in CANDO.

Teresa has been trying to clean up the last remaining SANS Top 20 machines and asked for help from those she's sent emails to recently.

Patching on 12/16/05

Boot CD install files have been modified to fix BSOD problems with Dell laptops and problem with Broadcom NIC not getting recognized.

Redhat patching -- another request from Unix group to help with remaining upgrades.

Brian is waiting on update from Teri Church on why our Dell purchases come with an OS which we don't use.

Brian gave an update on Volume Shadow Copy