OU ADMIN Meeting Minutes October 13, 2005

(corrected on 10/17/2005)


Attendees in Bold: Aishima, Jun; Anthony, Perry Lee; Arias, Nicholas C. (Nixx); Bator, Aaron; Cadorna, Tala; Campbell, Matthew H.; Chan, Andrea; Chu, Lee-Chung 'Ambrose'; Crume, Mary J.; DiSalvo, Mike; Downey, Teresa L.; Etem, Kamil; Fetzko, Steve; Freeman, Justus; Gomez, Rafael J.; Haile, Burhan T; Harvey, Harold M.; Johnson, William B.; Kau, Ricardo; Khamis, Stephen; Knight, Thomas; Knopf, James; LeCount, Arla; Leung, David H.; Liebelt, Stephen; Lo, Raymond; Lwin, Jeff; Malec, Richard C.; Marcello, David; Mayfield, Chris; Miller, Timothy; Muller, Olaf; Pierre, Jean-Raymond; Prado, Hector; Pushor, Robert C.; Ramsey, Kelley B.; Roberts, Sean; Schwiening, Jochen; Scott, Brian T.; Stiles, Paul; Trapsi, John; Underwood, Kenneth K.; Vazquez, Cecilio (Chico); Vincke, H. Heinz; Wermelskirchen, Clemens; Wong, Jerry; Wong, Rodney Win; Yu, Wayne; Zanardelli, Dean; Zhou, Ken


Volume Shadow Service/Clustering/Network Load Balancing demonstration will be done by Jean Pierre at the next regularly scheduled meeting (November 10th)


Boot CD: Matt Campbell has finished the Boot CD 1.5.4 which includes Service Pack 2 and the registry settings to prevent network-based attacks until the admin has finished building the machine.


1.5.4 and 1.5.2 are now the only supported versions of the Boot CD. If you try to install using any other versions, the installation will fail and give you a message to get a newer version of the Boot CD. Matt will have a brief outage of the install instances at 5 pm on 10/13 to effect this change.


The registry change will be visible as a shortcut on the desktop. This needs to be run once and the system rebooted to place the system in production. The shortcut should then be deleted from the desktop.


Copies of the Boot CD will be available at the Help Desk starting Friday, October 14th.


Policy Maker: Harold Harvey asked why the PolicyMaker client has been logging multiple errors in the event viewer of client machines. This is a bug with the current version of PolicyMaker. A new version has been released and Matt is testing it now.


SLAC.BAT The supported domain logon script is domainlogon.vbs. Sean Roberts briefly described how this script is set up to map user drives based on their membership in organizational units. Several tickets have recently been opened up because of failed drive mappings while using slac.bat instead of domainlogon.vbs. Sean proposed removing slac.bat immediately. There were no objections and that batch file was removed from \\win.slac.stanford.edu\netlogon Sean will remove SLAC.bat from the profile of all users in Active Directory. The file will remain in the netlogon directory, but user profiles will not run it on logon.


If anyone has requirements for their OU to map drives differently, this can easily be done with domainlogon.vbs, so please open a ticket to the windows infrastructure group so domainlogon.vbs can be updated to suit your needs.


Installs without BootCD Joining Dell-built Windows XP machines to the domain was discussed. Brian Scott noted that Boot-CD-created machines were the only supported configuration for Windows XP machines, but that he would discuss with Teri Church why the SLAC machines ordered from Dell were coming with a licensed version of Windows XP when we never use that license.