Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy


A new feature in the Windows 2003 Server operating system in conjunction with Windows XP workstation is Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy (VSS). VSS allows for end user of our central file system to restore deleted or changed files or folders without System Administrator intervention. This document will give step-by-step instructions on restoring a deleted or changed file or folder which will overwrite the current version of that file or folder. VSS will be run on the central file servers at 5:00AM, 12:00PM and 5:00PM, meaning that a copy of your files and folders will be created at these times. Files and folders deleted or changed multiple times between these times may not be able to be recovered. SCCS will still continue to maintain our regular tape backup schedule.


To use VSS, right click on a file or folder and click “Properties”.



After clicking “Properties”, a tab will show up called “Previous Version”.



Click the “Previous Versions” tab.



This screen will show up to 64 copies of the previous versions of the file or folder. Highlight the file or folder you wish to restore, click “Restore” and the version you wish restored will overwrite the current version.