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  1. The ICA client is already installed on most centrally maintained Solaris and Linux systems.  It is not available on AIX or SunOS systems.  To determine if it has been installed on your system, type 'which wfcmgr'.  If the response is 'wfcmgr not found', you can add /afs/slac/@sys/usr/local/bin to your path to get access, assuming that either AFS is installed on your machine or you have mounted augeas:/afs as /afs to use the AFS/NFS translator.  Our ability to provide assistance to machines not configured in this standard way is sharply limited.

  2. At the command line type, wfcmgr & to run Citrix ICA client for Linux/Unix

  3. Under the Option Menu, click on Settings --> Preferences.  In the dialog box that pops up, select Window and choose the desired color depth and resolution.  Select Server Location from the option menu and Add the server to the Address List.  Please make sure the "TCP/IP" is selected under the Network Protocol (see Figure 1).

  4. If you would like to mount your home directory, select Drive Mapping from the option menu.  Choose a drive letter and click the enable checkbutton for Read/Write.  Enter the path of your home directory after the drive letter.   i.e. /afs/   Make sure Enable Drive Mapping is checked.  Click OK at the bottom of the dialog box. 

  5. In the Entry Menu, select New to bring up a Properties dialog.  Select Network from the top left option menu.  Check the Published Application check box then click "..." button after the server text field.  If you get a long pause followed by an error dialog, either the server is down or you mistyped the server name.  Select "User Desktop Full Screen" from the popup list.  This will allow you to have a Windows NT full desktop session.  Alternatively, you can choose to run a single application from the popup list.  Give a title in the Description box and fill out the Optional field: your NT Username and Domain: SLAC

  6. Double click on the entry you just created to connect to the Windows Terminal/Citrix Metaframe Server.

Figure 1



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Ricardo Kau  Last revised: October 23, 2002