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November 16, 2007

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The X Window program for Windows clients being used at SLAC is  XWIN32.  Price is the main reason why there ia a site licence for XWIN32 it is currently the most widely used X Window program for Windows clients at SLAC.

The SCS Windows Infrastructure Group and SCS Systems Group (and MCC for SCP users) will try to work with you and the vendor to solve technical questions.  For help, please e-mail xwin32-l

For the currently supported version, go to the (available within the SLAC network).

Version 5.1.2 had several problems, so please upgrade to the current supported version.  Please also de-install any versions of XWIN32 older than v.4.1.2.  The older versions have a bug which is responsible for XDMCP broadcast storms which have caused a number of network problems here at SLAC.

Please make sure you have set the proper security settings if you install or download XWIN32 yourself (especially if you download the version from the internet which comes with no security).

Instructions for access to SCP session (for Accelerator and Controls).

There is a FAQ page on how to


E-mail list:

If you are already on the access list for Xwin32,  access the software here: Xwin32 access.

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