SLAC Nodename and IP Address Request Form

To request new nodenames or request changes or cancellations for existing nodes, you may either 'type' in the form fields (preferred method) or fill-in a blank form manually. Once completed, print the form and obtain an authorizing signature from one of your group administrators. You may then either: mail the completed form to the SCCS Help Desk, Mail Stop 97;  Fax it to 650-926-4003; or bring it to the Help Desk located in the Computing Building (050), Room 108. You will receive notification when the request is processed.

Action (select one or more):  New Node   Changes   Cancellation    Alias

Choice of Node Name:          IFZ address required? YES           NO

1st Choice 2nd Choice
SLAC Location: Subnet: (e.g. PUB1, PUB2)  Building: Room: 
Device Info: Type Other (specify)  
Manuf. Model  OS 
Property Control #  (If not SLAC owned, equipment source)
User Info:  Primary User:  Group:
Phone:  E-mail:
Admin Info:  System Admin:  Group:
Phone:  E-mail:
Existing Node Changes/Cancellations: ChangeCancellation
Old Nodename: IP Address:              
Former User: Location of Computer: Building: Room:
Alias:   Actual Node Name:
Additional instructions:    
Czar or Admin. name (Print): Signature: ___________________________Group:______ Date:_______
(The above signature should be a computing czar or desktop administrator designated by your group who
can authorize the nodename that you have chosen.)

For SLAC computing use only:
IP Name:__________________________________ Address:___________________________ DB update by:___________date:__________
Rev. 10/14/05