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SLAC Loaner Equipment Pool

Loaner equipment is available from the SLAC Loaner Equipment Pool at the SCCS Help Desk. To check availability, make a reservation, or obtain additional information, come to the Help Desk in Building 50 between 9 am and 5 pm, or call 650-926-4357 (650-926-HELP) to reserve and/or check out the following equipment:

  • Conferencing (PolyCom SoundStation EX) telephone:

  • Works with a digital phone line, and requires an outside line. Comes with an extension microphone set and a power cord. Note: The conferencing telephone is available for on-site use at SLAC only.
  • Notebook computers:

  • Each of our ten notebooks uses the Windows 2000 operating system configured with the following features and applications: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Citrix ICA Client, GhostView (GSview2.7, Ghostscript 5.50), HyperSnap32, InoculateIT, Internet Explorer 6x, Microsoft Office 2000 Pro, Netscape Navigator 4.7x, Outlook 2000 (Exchange 5.5), WS_FT95, 56K Modem/Ethernet cards, Modular 3 1/2" floppy and CD-ROM drives, battery & combination power adapter/charger.

    Checklist before bringing laptops off-site

    Quantity and specifications:
    1 Dell Latitude C800 P3 - 700MHZ/ 10GB Hard Drive/ 128MB RAM/ 8 MB Video RAM/ SXGA+ (PC61045)
    2 Dell Latitude C600 P3 - 700MHz/ 10GB Hard Drive/ 128MB RAM/ 8 MB Video RAM (PC60304, 60771, 60772)
    1 Dell Latitude LS P2 - 400MHz/ 12GB Hard Drive/ 128 MB RAM/ 4 MB Video RAM (PC57630)
    3 Dell Latitude CPi P2 - 400MHz/ 6.4GB Hard Drive/ 128MB RAM/ 2.5 MB Video RAM (PC56604, 56605, 56607)
    1 Dell Latitude CPi P2 - 400MHz/ 10GB Hard Drive/ 128MB RAM/ 2.5 MB Video RAM (PC56606)
    1 Dell Latitude CS P2 - 400MHz/ 6.4GB Hard Drive/ 128MB RAM/ 4 MB Video RAM (PC57001)

  • Digital cameras:

  • 3 - Sony 1.6 MP Mavica digital still cameras, great for taking digital pictures. Requires no loading of special desktop software. Images are saved as JPEG files, readable with any image editor or browser. All digital cameras use 3.5" floppy disks.

  • Media projector:

  • The Help Desk no longer has projectors for loan. Please check with the SLAC Library for availability.

  • Wireless modem:

  • The Help Desk is currently exploring alternative wireless modem services to replace Ricochet services suspended during Chap. 11 bankruptcy reorganization, please check here for updates in the future.