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Cyber Security Basics - CS101 Alternate Location for Unix Users Only

For those who have issues getting to SLAC Training Portal (SkillSoft)

System Requirements:

Adobe Flash player


Here the link to the course alternate location:

Cyber Security Basics - CS101

When you successfully complete the course and pass the quiz, select the "Email Results" button*.


To get credit, you MUST add your SLAC System ID number to the subject line, e.g.

Quiz Results: CSA101_Web_Test  334570

 and send the results.

Note: If you have issues with the "Email Results" button, send a screen capture of your success page to "".

To find your SLAC System ID number:

Go to the SLAC Directory and do a search for your name.

Your SLAC System ID number is listed in the lower left.


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