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Title: Internet criminals use SEO to dupe unsuspecting visitors into infecting themselves with malware and fake anti-virus products

Source: Security Park

Date Published: 31 OCTOBER 2008




'....Internet criminals are now using tools such as Google Trends to identify the most popular and current Internet search terms. The same criminals then use new blogs on free hosting sites, such as Windows Live Spaces and AOL Journals, featuring the same search terms. When an Internet user then makes a search using those popular terms they get multiple links to these hosted blog sites in their search results.


If the user then clicks on the link, thinking it is relevant to their desired search, they are taken to a blog site with an apparent embedded video player. If the user clicks on the video player, they are prompted to load a 'codec' which surreptitiously loads malware, including fake anti-virus software which promises to clean non existent viruses from the computer in return for their credit card details......'


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