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Exploit, Impact, and Response - (Cross Site Scripting Attack)

Title: Anatomy of an XSS Attack

Author: Russ McRee

Source: Infotec Writers

Date Published: 6th January 2009




'....The following is a first-person narrative, written from the perspective of an attacker utilizing crosssite scripting (XSS) methodology combined with phishing. The intent is to describe motive, method, and consequence. As indicated in April's toolsmith, XSS is an epidemic. Sadly, it is rarely given its due; XSS is often considered an attack unworthy of much concern. Yet, it is an attack of great consequence, if utilized by a motivated attacker. Statistics claim that 90% of all websites have at least one vulnerability, and 70% of all vulnerabilities are XSS......'


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Title: Popular photo frames carry risk of infection

Source:San Francisco Chronicle,

Date Published: January 2, 2009



Digital photo frames were one of the best-selling consumer electronics products this holiday season, but some of them carried a nasty surprise - malicious software code that tried to hop onto personal computers when the frames were plugged in.

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