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Cautions for Holiday Season*

The holiday season brings with it a uptick in email phishing scams and malware campaigns.

Watch out for:
    -electronic greeting cards that may be laced with malware
    -bogus requests for charitable contributions from illegitimate sources claiming to be charities
    -rigged screensavers and holiday videos that may contain malware
    -phony credit card applications
    -fake online shopping advertisements

-Make sure your software is up-to-date: including antivirus, spyware, OS and application patches.
-Refer to the Federal Trade Commission's "Charity Checklist" before you respond to charitable donation requests.
-To verify that charity requests are on the level, get trustworthy contact information from the Better Business Bureau's "Charity Report Index."
-Do not click on links in unsolicited email messages, respond to email chain letters, or open email attachments you were not expecting to receive.
-Read about "Shopping Safely Online" at

*from SANS ouch! updates 2010-12-02

Published SLAC Today 16 December 2010

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