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Unregistering From Websites or Subscriptions Unregistering From Websites or Subscriptions

Unregistering From Websites or Subscriptions


Did you know that more than 97 percent of e-mail messages sent over the Internet are unwanted: they have malicious attachments or are phishing attacks or spam(1)?

If you receive an email from unfamiliar sender, claiming you are receiving the message because you have subscribed to a mailing list or website:

Don't click on any links.

Don't try to unsubscribe.

Don't respond (reply or forward) to this kind of email.

Just DELETE it.

-----Original Message-----
From: Sadie Nqrjytq []
Sent: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 8:39 AM
Subject: [SPAM:#] Try this at home

You're receiving this newsletter because you subscribed to our mailing list or registered on our website.

Can't read this email? View it in your browser <> . Not interested anymore? To unsubscribe click here <> .

Exclusive new OFFERS starting NOW

Click here to open message in your browser <

Notice that although the message appears to be from "Sadie Nqriytq" the sender email address has been spoofed to be the same as the recipient's. If you were to respond to this email it wouldn't go to this address either. There is an address hidden in the email headers which is actually used for replies.


Clicking on a link in the message may also download malware which could compromise your computer.

If you respond or unsubscribe, you are confirming that they have reached a valid email address that someone responds to.  The junk email and spam would more than likely just increase. Although most junk email and spam are stopped at the mail gateway, it is more work for those servers.


(1) Microsoft Security Intelligence Report volume 6 (July through December 2008)

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