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General Information
Alternatives to Using VPN
Home User Computer Security
SANS Ouch! Reports
Information Security Glossary
Unsafe Online Activities - "Sinful Seven"
Running With Least Privilege on Windows XP
CS101 Course Description
Awareness Games
Online Lineup - Shopping savvy?
ID Theft Face Off - Identity stolen, can you get it back?
Case of the Cyber Criminal - Ready to protect yourself online?
Phishing Scams - Will you take the bait?
Virus or Hoax
Symantec Endpoint Protection V11 Overview (including "How do I")
SEP Scan in Safe Mode
Symptoms of an infection
Virus Notification Procedure
What to do if your Computer Gets Hacked
Virus Look-Up and Analysis
Virus Cross Reference
Check here before forwarding that warning to all your friends
PKI, PGP, & Certificates
Introduction to Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
PGP for Beginners
MacOS Certificate Errors
SPAM & Phishing
Example of Phishing E-mail Received at SLAC
SPAM Websites and Publications
Phishing Websites and Publications
Reporting Phishing to SLAC Postmaster


Latest Hoaxes/Viruses:

IRS Hoax Email 10 Nov. 2008

UPS Virus

MSN Breaking News and CNN by email MalWare




Don't Be a Victim of Cyber Attacks 07/15/2011

Can the Internet be Shutdown at SLAC? 05/-3/2011

Software Spring Cleaning 03/09/2011

VPN Service Changes 02/02/2011

SU Webmail PHISH 01/04/2011

Cautions for the Holiday Season 12/16/2010

Caution Donating to Haiti Relief 1/25/2010

Holiday Note 12/17/2009

Warning: Unregistering from Websites or Subscriptions 6/24/2009

Deadline Nearing for CS101 6/17/2009

Another Stanford-Targeted Phishing Attack 6/15/2009
Cyber Security Basics - CS101 5/21/2009
Phone Phishing 5/19/2009
Safe Computing-Virus Protection 11/11/08
New Required Computer Course 10/16/08
Cyber Security Awareness Month 10/16/08
Malware Defense 8/4/08
Phishing - Don't Take the Bait 4/11/08
Lock Your Computer 3/13/08
Weakest Link 2/5/08
Cyber Shopping 12/5/07
Plain Text Assists in Identifying Phishing
Tricky Phish
Patching Windows Systems
Getting Office Patches to Work
IFZ and IFZ-Lite Explained
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