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Course # CS101 - Cyber Security Basics


This course is designed to introduce fundamental computer security practices. The student will learn about passwords,  acceptable use of SLAC resources, e.g. email, Internet, etc., and what to do if you suspect a computer security incident.

Who should take this course?

Anyone who has a SLAC computer account that accesses SLAC computer resources.



Course Objectives

This course is divided in to 4 sections:

Length .5 hrs (30 min.)
Training Method Challenge, Web based



  1. Pop-up blocker in your browser must be turned off.
    • For Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu > Pop-up Blocker > Turn off Pop-up Blocker.
    • For Firefox, go to the Tools menu > Options > click on the content tab in the options window > uncheck the Block pop-up windows check box > click OK.
  2. Java must be installed and running.
  3. Adobe Flash player must be installed and running.

Note: If any of the requirements are not met, please contact your IT Desktop Support (ITDS).

Logon Requirements
  1. SLAC Windows username and password or;
  2. SLAC System ID number and SkillSoft Password
    1. Your "SLAC System ID number", e.g. 334570 can be found on your SLAC directory page.


    1. You can get the "SkillSoft password" by sending an email to "" with "SkillSoft password request" in the subject field. Include your full name and SLAC system ID # in the body of the message .
Windows user on the SLAC network
  1. Click here to use your Windows account to log into SkillSoft.

  2. Click the play button. PlayCS101

All other users and for use with systems not on the SLAC network. You must meet the system and logon requirements*.
  1. Click here to Launch the SLAC SkillSoft training portal.
    • Enter your SLAC system ID and SkillSoft password
    • Wait for the SkillPort catalog page to load - if you see a blank page with the words "Login in progress" for longer then 40 seconds, please contact ITDS.
  2. In the Search for dialog box, key-in "CS101" or "Cyber security basics", then select "Search".


  1. As you hover you mouse over "Cyber Security Basics", select [Launch]


Note: * Users with “tailored” Linux systems can go to /usr/local/bin and run Firefox- (which has “flash” configured) then navigate to the SLAC SkillSoft Training portal .  (

Alternate location for *NIX users
  1. System requirement: Flash
  2. Logon requirement: SLAC account username and password
  3. Click on the link: to logon to the alternate location.
  4. To get credit (your training record updated) you must select "Email results" whenyou successfully complete the course.
    1. Add your System ID # to the subject line, e.g. Quiz Results: CSA101_Web_Test  334570

Note: If you have problems with the "email results" button, please do a screen capture of the "success page" to ""

Take course offline
  1. Send an email to to request a hard/soft copy (PDF) of the course and exam. 
  2. Then send responses for the exam to:
How to and notes
  1. You mst correctly answer 4 of 5 questions to get credit for the course.
  2. If you already know Cyber Security basics you can challenge the quiz, by clicking on "Quiz" on the first slide.
  3. Computers in the library or security building can be used to take the course.
Training Restrictions None noted.

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Last Updated: 08/24/2012
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