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Title: Virus Alert: Koobface worm targets Facebook, Twitter

Source: SF Examiner

Date Published:  16 March 2010




'....That nasty worm is back, that's if he ever left. The Koobface worm virus is back in the news, targeting social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.......'


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Title: 12 Useful FireFox Plugins For Safe Browsing

Source: Smashing Downloads

Date Published: 13th July 2009



There are thousands of risks roaming and getting evolved in shape of different malwares, viruses, file & more. Since these things come via your browser and majority of us use firefox, here are some of the best and useful plugins/add-ons........'



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Title: New Identity Theft method - use the phone

Author: Tony Howlett

Source: Windows IT Pro

Date Published: 3rd July 2009




'....The way that this attack works is that an entire phone exchange, usually for a small town with only one or two banks, is dialed by automation. Those picking up the phone hear a prerecorded message from their friendly local community bank that their account has been compromised. They need to change their PIN code immediately to avoid any unauthorized charges. They are directed via a menu to enter their account number, their old PIN, and a new PIN. Of course, this isn't the bank calling but rather a sophisticated overseas ID theft gang using VOIP technology. Caller ID shows the name of the bank, giving further credibility to the attacker. Once they have the card number and PIN, they can quickly generate a fake ATM or debit card and start either withdrawing cash or making purchases.  .....'


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